Pokemon Go player hacked the game to get Mewtwo

Pokemon Go Mewtwo
When Pokemon Go events get announced they usually will be releasing a rare or legendary Pokemon. In their latest announcement, they mentioned that Mewtwo will be capturable during the duration of the event. A lot of people are excited about the release and some have even gone through the trouble of using a Pokemon Go hack just so they can get Mewtwo before anyone else. This can instantly lead to a ban but if you play it smart you will be able to get away with it.

Steps to catching Mewtwo with the Pokemon Go hacking App

Before you get started you will want to:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Install it on your mobile device or computer. If you’re using a computer you will need to have the mobile device tethered to your computer with a USB cable.
  3. Run the app after it has finished installing and updating

The hack will run in the background while you run Pokemon Go, it will actively seek out where Mewtwo is and transport you to that location.  When you get to the capturing stage it will automatically catch him for you with a super high success rate.  Just make sure you stock up on ultra balls and berries or else you may lose him.  Even if you don’t catch him the first time the app will quickly locate another Mewtwo for you to try and catch.

pokemon go mewtwo hackOther options built into the Pokemon Go hack

There are some other neat features included in the app like making your trainer walk around automatically.  This really helps when you are trying to hatch all your eggs.  It can even get you Pokecoins for free, no more having to take over and hold gyms to get them.  With this you can upgrade your bag and get more storage for Pokemon and items.  It will basically give you unlimited Pokeballs as well because you can use the Pokecoins to purchase them.

One of the most requested features is having the option to switch teams at least once.  Once you join a team, you’re with that team forever.  There’s no going back to being teamless or joining another.  The only way you can do that is by starting with a fresh new account.  Which sucks if you already captured a ton a Pokemon, you won’t be able to trade or transfer them in anyway.  Luckily the Pokemon go hack can switch you over to another team.  I mean who wants to be stuck on team Valour right?  The only draw back behind this is that you can get soft banned if you try switching too many times over a short period of time.  The creators recommend you wait at least a month before switching to another team.

Past Pokemon Go special events

If you missed out on the past events like the special Pikachu with it’s cute little Christmas hat.  You will still have a chance to capture Pikachu and keep it in your collection.  Enabling this option within the hack is easy and only takes a few steps.  We did a test over a couple accounts and each time festive Pikachu showed up for us to catch.  It’s a nice little added feature to the app and lets people who are busy with life to catch up on a game that they love.

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