This how you get free games with a PSN code generator

overwatch mercyHow the PSN code generator works

The most reliable PSN code generator I have used gave us Playstation store codes that worked 100% of the time.  It especially saved me when we needed Playstation plus at the very moment, I had an online Overwatch tournament to play in.  I was freaking out because I did not have a credit card and also didn’t have enough time to buy a PS plus card from the store.  So I quickly searched online for a PSN code generator.  Within minutes I had one downloaded and a code ready to be used.

I had enough time to get in my party and chat with my friends to figure out a strategy.  At the end of the tournament, we came out on top!  We won first place and won a decent cash prize.  I used it towards a new controller and gaming headset which will undoubtedly help me out in future matches.

Solution to the lag on PS4 & PSN

During our match, I ran into a lot of lag and clipping which put a damper on my performance.  I’m just glad it didn’t happen during critical moments in the game.  I was able to fix the slow speeds with a proxy server software and my computer.

It not only helped the lagged but it also fixed the insanely slow download speeds of the massive sized games.  There was one time I had to wait almost a week to download Battlefield 1 to my Playstation 4!  I got so fed up that I almost bought a physical copy of the game.  Sony really needs to get their act together!

Playstation 4 controllerFuture games I plan on playing

It’s been almost 3 years with my PS4 and I haven’t gotten bored of it.  I still plan on continuing to play exclusive titles that come out for it.  I put in many hours and have enjoyed every bit of it.  I do kind of wish they released it with a 1TB hard drive.  I’m always filling up my hard drive and having to delete games which I still play.  I could go out and buy a bigger 3TB hard drive but I would rather spend it on new games.

But it’s probably something that I’m going to do.  Now that I have a PSN code generator I can actually get all these games for free!  I have this feeling that I’m going to fill up that 3TB HD fast!  I am tempted to buy an SSD because of the load times for certain games is just mind numbing.  Dying over and over again during difficult battles and having to load every single time I die is the most annoying thing I have ever dealt with.

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