Anime fans are hacking Snapchat to put Naruto filters

Naruto Snapchat filter hackProbably the only way you can hack Snapchat to add your own filters is if you have a iPhone that has been jailbroke or an Android device that’s been rooted. Some people in the anime community have been hacking into Snapchat just so that they can use Naruto inspired filters on their Snaps. The trend slowly caught on, new filters slowly started creeping up and popping up. Many users of Snapchat started wondering how this was even possible which eventually led to an app being developed so that it can easily be done by anyone.

Just having the ability to share filters with your friends made Snapchat even more fun, it’s something Instagram has not put into their platform yet. (who knows we might see it in the near future, if this happens most people might jump ship.) Once the Snapchat hack was first released it was only available to ios users, a month later the Android app was available on the Google play store. But before you can start using it some knowledge is needed with Photoshop or another similar editing software.

Choji Snapchat filterWhy did Naruto fans jumped on this first? Maybe because the anime came to an end and they wanted to celebrate with the world. No harm was done and even Snapchat congratulated them on completing one of the longest anime shows to air on TV. The popularity of Naruto was so immense that the majority of their fanbase is in North America. Many of the key characters in the show are much loved by their fans. We might possibly see a comeback years down the road, just look at Dragonball Z, they came back after a long hiatus. Their fans always looked to them for inspiration especially the physically active community.

Snapchat filter hackMany Snapchat hacks have surfaced to date and continue to rise as long as the popularity of the app stays high. It’s hard to say what will happen to them next we’re hoping that Instagram does not take them completely out of the game. Basically Instagram has copied each and everyone of it’s competitors, and it’s pretty much the sole reason vine and periscope died or took a huge dip in users. Only time will tell what will happen to these platforms and it will be a long tested battle.

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